Meet New Run Cushion Medium Arch Insoles

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A woman puts Superfeet Run Cushion Medium Arch insoles into her running shoes

Runners, walkers, and active Superfeet wearers of all stripes have fallen in love with the flexible support and comfort provided by Run Cushion High Arch and Run Cushion Low Arch insoles. With the introduction of all-new Run Cushion Medium Arch, everyone can find the ideal cushioned insole that perfectly matches their feet and footwear, with a fit that would make Goldilocks proud.

Like its High Arch and Low Arch siblings, Run Cushion Medium Arch provides the signature Superfeet shape in a flexible, cushioned construction. The secret to getting both durable arch support and flexible comfort is our patented Adaptive Comfort Technology™. This innovative design stems from years of research conducted by scientists at the University of Calgary’s Human Performance Lab.

"The launch of Run Cushion Medium Arch helps to complete the full Run Cushion line - delivering an unrivaled combination of cushion and flexible support to runners and walkers of all foot types, ages, and abilities," says Matt Gooch, Superfeet Vice President of Product and Innovation. "Our patented Adaptive Comfort Technology (A.C.T.) is at the core of each Run Cushion insole helping to combat foot fatigue with a lower dose of Superfeet Shape. Now, with the addition of Run Cushion Medium Arch, it's easier than ever for Superfeet consumers to find the right insole and stay comfortable and confident on their feet wherever the miles take them."

Medium Arch, Maximum Comfort

Comfort is subjective. While some prefer the firm foundation provided by Superfeet All-Purpose insoles, many others enjoy the flexibility and cushion offered by Superfeet Run Cushion insoles. You do you! Whatever floats your boat and keeps your feet feeling their best. In fact, studies show the more comfortable you are, the less likely you are to get injured.

For those who like a cushioned feel that flexes with the foot as you move, here’s what makes Run Cushion Medium Arch the perfect fit.

Medium Arch Orthotic Shape

The perfect middle ground for feet with a medium arch height and a great first option to try if you’re unsure where your arches land on the high-to-low spectrum.


Patented design helps your feet move the way they're supposed to, flexing with the foot for efficient heel-to-toe turnover and a smooth, easy ride.


Helps reduce odors – something you’ll be thankful for after a long run!


Blends cushioning and rebound to maximize energy transfer and help you get the most out of every step.


Helps disperse impact with every heel strike, reducing excess vibration to fight fatigue.


Helps your foot relax in the shoe and provides optimal cushioning.

Three of a Kind

It’s never been easier to find the right Superfeet for you, especially if you’re looking to add comfort and support to your running, walking, or athletic shoes. With High, Medium and Low Arch options, there’s a Superfeet insole to match every foot (of course, if you want the ultimate custom fit, try ME3D personalized insoles 3D-printed to your exact specifications).

Runners who like a cushioned, flexible feel now have three different Run Cushion insole options to go along with the three options available for active folks who like the structured support provided by Superfeet Run Support High, Medium and Low Arch insoles.

Check out all of our running insoles here, or take the insole finder quiz to see which insole best matches your feet and footwear.

October 16, 2023