Strength Training for Runners: 4 At-Home Running Workouts

Strength Training for Runners: 4 At-Home Running Workouts

By: Kerry Gustafson, LAT, ATC, LMT — Superfeet Wellness Panel Member. Kerry Gustafson is the owner and visionary of Prime Sports Institute, a multi-disciplinary sports medicine clinic focused on helping individuals maintain healthy, active lifestyles through a comprehensive approach to wellness. An athletic training for more than 19 years, Kerry's specialties include the evaluation and rehab of injuries, running gait analysis and screenings to identify imbalances, mobility and movement dysfunctions. 

These exercises strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the hips, which help control the knee, foot, and ankle, while also strengthening the postural muscles.  Unlike traditional weight training for runners, all of these strength training exercises can be done at home with very little equipment and space.

Do all of these exercises on both sides, two sets of 15 on each side.

Strength training for runners: Hip Exercise

Strength Training for Runners: Hip Exercise

This exercise can be used to activate the glutes prior to a run, but it can also be used as just a general strength training exercise. Take a loop band, place it around your legs about four inches above your ankles. (This is a yellow versaloop band available via Perform Better or Amazon. Choose a light or medium resistance.) Stand on one leg. With the opposite leg, tap the toe straight out to the side. Try to have as much control as possible so that you're not wobbling and wavering through the motion.

Strength training for runners: Bridge Band

Strength Training for Runners: Bridge Band

Lie on your back and place the loop band around your feet. You go up into a bridge, and then march one leg at a time while keeping the band around your feet.

Strength training for runners: Clamshells

Strength Training for Runners: Clamshells

This strength training exercise is for the glutes.  Lie on your side, bend the knees up while keeping the feet together. Stay rolled forward on your hip and slowly hinge open up at the knees. Then, lower them back together. Make sure that you don't go too quickly with this one.

Strength training for runners: Row With Band

Strength Training for Runners: Row with Band

This fourth simple strength training exercise for runners is for postural control and general leg and hip strengthening. Use simple tubing or a flat band. Tie a knot in one end and slip it in the hinge side of your door. Shut the door on that portion and it will wedge it into place.  Hold a chair sit position, keeping the weight through your heels.  Maintain good posture, and then pull like you're rowing back towards your chest, and then slowly return back forward.

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April 24, 2019