Structured Heel Cup: A Foot Comfort Gamechanger

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Superfeet Run Cushion High Arch insole with hand and white arrows pointing to heel cup

Whether you’ve been wearing Superfeet for years, or you’re still deciding on your first pair (we’ve got a quiz for that!) you’re likely interested in what sets Superfeet apart from other insoles. In our series Superfeet: Steps Ahead, we’re highlighting just a few of the many reasons Superfeet come out on top when compared to a variety of insoles and shoe inserts.

One huge benefit Superfeet provide is a structured heel cup that cradles the back of your foot. It keeps the soft tissue under your heel bone contained in place so it can absorb vibrations as you move. That tissue works like suspension springs and dampers on a car, giving you the smoothest ride possible whether walking, running, hiking, or just going about your day. Not having proper shock absorption under your heel can have reverberating effects that lead to fatigue and discomfort in your entire body, not just your feet.

See the Superfeet difference for yourself in the video below.

The Importance of Heel Support

Arch support is an important factor to consider when choosing an insole, but equally important, and often overlooked, is the structure around your heel. Every pair of Superfeet, from the firm foundation of Superfeet All-Purpose insoles to the flexible comfort of Run Cushion insoles, has a structured heel cup that cradles the back of your foot, keeping it stable and cupping the soft tissue under your heel bone. 

As you take each step, adding up to thousands per day on average, Superfeet insoles hug your heels, keeping the tissue under your heel bone contained where it can soften impact, instead of that tissue flattening out. If your insole doesn’t have a structured heel cup, you’re not getting full support.

The Superfeet Difference

As demonstrated by Hank and his friends in the video, your heel can be treated very differently depending on the support that is (or isn’t) in your shoes. We know you likely won’t be dropping books on your heels anytime soon, but the forces those books exert on the structure of each insole or shoe insert are a perfect test of their strength. 

It’s clear that the factory liner in your shoes can’t provide the full support your feet crave, and many insoles that appear to have good arch support don’t do anything for your heel. Even insoles with a seemingly supportive heel cup just flatten out because the structure isn’t strong enough to withstand the forces acting on your feet as you move.

Superfeet insoles provide ultimate rearfoot support by cupping and stabilizing the heel tissue to help absorb vibrations that cause discomfort and pain in your feet, joints, and even your back. That rearfoot support combined with high quality, durable materials and the signature Superfeet shape engineered to give your feet the perfect arch support right where you need it, means that whether you’re looking for everyday comfort, pain relief, advanced performance, or all of the above – you’ll find it with Superfeet.

January 30, 2024