Superfeet Employee-Owners Give Back

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Superfeet Employee-Owners Give Back

With every Superfeet purchase, you are helping make an awesome difference for people and the planet.  Every year, Superfeet donates 1% of annual sales and 1,000+ volunteer hours to organizations working to shape a healthy future.  

As a 100% employee-owned company, our own team plays a significant role in shaping Superfeet corporate giving activities.  Once per year, each Superfeet employee-owner is gifted $1,000 to give to a non-profit organization of their choice.  We typically hold a "giving fair" at our Pacific Northwest headquarters, giving employee-owners a chance to connect with local non-profit organizations.  While this year looks a little different because we can't all be together, the impact is just as big and the work these funds help support is more important than ever.

The list of organizations supported through this initative is just as varied as the individuals who make up the team of Superfeet employee-owners.  We're pleased to highlight a few of these incredible organizations and the Superfeet employee-owners who chose them. 

Bellingham Food Bank

Superfeet Employee-Owner The N. Superfeet Employee-Owner The N.

Superfeet Employee-Owner

The N., Production

Why did you select this organization?

This organization helps a lot people in our community.  They even come to schools and have a lot food and services for low income families and invididuals in need.

About the Bellingham Food Bank

Nearly 20% of the Bellingham population visits the Bellingham Food Bank on a regular basis. More than 50% of the people who come to the food bank are children or senior citizens. The Bellingham Food Bank is one the busiest food banks in Western Washington—visited by more than 1,350 Bellingham families every week. The team at Bellingham Food Bank works tirelessly to make sure we get great food for the families that visit us. Anyone living in Bellingham can visit the food bank twice a week — the Bellingham Food Bank is open five times each week and is proud to be of service to Whatcom County families, always striving to serve with dignity, respect, and a smile.

The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation

Superfeet Employee-Owner Sheila P. Superfeet Employee-Owner Sheila P.

Superfeet Employee-Owner

Sheila P., Medical Sales Representative 

Why did you select this organization?

I chose the AVM organization in honor of Megan Lum, who passed away suddenly in November 2016 from Arteriovenous Malfunction (AVM), a brain abnormality that affects normal blood flow and oxygen circulation. Megan was admitted to the hospital on November 5th, which is my anniversary date with Superfeet. I never met Megan but her husband Sam Lum and I had a close working relationship through work with Kaiser Permanente.

About the Aneurysm and AVM Foundation

The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation (TAAF) is dedicated to bettering the lives, support networks, and medical care of those affected by aneurysm and other vascular malformations of the brain. It is a 95% volunteer organization run by survivors, caregivers and medical professionals.

TAAF is an over 95% pro-bono organization. Their goal is to direct money where it is needed — into research and public education.

Opportunity Council

Superfeet Employee-Owner

Chance J., Production/3D-Printing

Why did you select this organization?

I decided to donate to the Opportunity Council (OC) for a couple of reasons. One of my best friends works in the housing department at the OC.  She works so hard and the work she does is so important.  We've had an increase in people experiencing homelessness in this area over the past year and I'm hoping this donation can help provide resources and assist in a positive way.

About the Opportunity Council

The Opportunity Council is a private, non-profit Community Action Agency serving houseless and low-income families and individuals. Their mission is to help people improve their lives through education, support, and direct assistance while advocating for just, equitable communities.

For more than 50 years the Opportunity Council has offered a broad scope of services that range from addressing immediate and crisis-oriented needs (food, emergency shelter, eviction-prevention) to longer-term programs that promote self-sufficiency in the community (early childhood education, home weatherization).

Women's Sports Foundation

Superfeet Employee-Owner Heather K. Superfeet Employee-Owner Heather K.

Superfeet Employee-Owner

Heather K., Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Why did you select this organization?

I wanted to give to help women and girls in sports and came across the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF).  This organization aligned with my passions and with Superfeet. I love what they are doing and am proud to be able to provide them a little support. The WSF inspires the play of more than 100,000 girls coast to coast through 200 community partnerships. There are so many life lessons you learn through sports and it’s time that girls and women start receiving the exposure and platform they deserve.

About the Women's Sports Foundation

The Women’s Sports Foundation is building a future where every girl and woman can play, be active, and realize her full potential.  They are working to build a  movement of movement, through research, advocacy, community impact, and partnerships. From their website: “We are the ally, advocate and catalyst for tomorrow’s leaders. We exist to enable girls and women to reach their potential in sport and life. We exist to unlock the possibilities in every girl and woman through the power of sport.”

Vamos Outdoors Project

Vamos Outdoor Project Logo Vamos Outdoor Project Logo

Superfeet Employee-Owner:

Hannah B., Graphic Designer

Why did you select this organization?

I was drawn to Vamos Outdoors Project because their mission encompasses two things I'm passionate about: the outdoors and access and education for all. I also have a heart for Spanish-speaking communities and eliminating the barriers that exist for Latinx and English Language Learning youth in the Pacific Northwest.  Everyone should be able to enjoy and gain new experiences in the outdoors regardless of their background. I have not been able to volunteer with Vamos yet but I hope to become more involved in the future.

About Vamos Outdoors

Vamos Outdoors Project (VOP) operates on unceded territories historically stewarded by indigenous communities, including the Coast Salish, Nooksack, Lummi, Skagit, Stillaguamish, Okanogan, and others. Vamos Outdoors Project serves individuals and families that have indigenous roots and histories, who have been uprooted from their land elsewhere. They have moved to this area to provide for their families and communities, and are connected to both their traditional lands and the Pacific Northwest. VOP works to connect families to environmental education opportunities through fundraising, outreach, and partnerships with local organizations. Vamos Outdoors primarily work with the Latinx and English Language Learner communities.

Vamos Outdoors Project works to eliminate barriers to access that make it harder for Latinx and English Language Learner families to participate in outdoor, recreational, and environmental education activities. We provide supervision, transportation, food, and all necessary equipment for the activities provided by our partner organizations.

To learn more about how your purchase helps makes a difference, visit the Superfeet giving page.

April 27, 2021
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