Superfeet Expands 2022 Employee Giving Program

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Superfeet Expands 2022 Employee Giving Program

Your Superfeet purchase helps make a difference in a big way. Every year, Superfeet donates 1% of sales and $1,000+ volunteer hours to shaping a strong foundation for a healthy future. Superfeet employees play a key role in corporate giving — every full time Superfeet employee is gifted $1,000 to give to a non-profit organization of their choice. 

During this year's employee giving campaign, we expanded our efforts to Superfeet retailers, choosing four retailers to receive $1,000 to give to a cause in their community.  

"It continues to be the people of Superfeet who set this company apart from others, and that includes the mutual drive to leave a lasting and positive impact on our communities, both local and global,” says John Rauvola, President and CEO. “Our team is comprised of individuals who believe a healthy, happy community is as important as the numbers on a balance sheet, and they’re proud to make decisions that will impact the direction of the business, including how and where our philanthropic efforts are used. This year, Superfeet is proud to expand our giving fair to include four retailers, funding them to support causes that are meaningful to them and their communities.”

Again this year, the list of recipient organizations chosen by Superfeet employees is as varied as the individuals who make up our team.  In total, Superfeet contributed $139,000 to organizations during this giving campaign, with some employees pooling their funds to make a $32,00 to a Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.  Other organizations chosen by Superfeet employees to receive donations include LGBT+ Outdoors, The Trevor Project, Vamos Outdoors and Lydia Place.  

This year for the first time, Superfeet partnered with four retailers by providing $1,000 each to fund a forward-thinking organization of their choice:

“When Superfeet approached us with the generous offer to support a non-profit organization of our choosing, we were thrilled and thankful for the opportunity,” says Trae Hoepner, Owner of Performance Running Outfitters. “With so many underfunded organizations making positive changes to the world it was hard to decide upon one, but we chose to support Camp One Step, a program that provides educational and fun experiences for children who have been diagnosed with cancer.”

For more about Superfeet giving, visit the Superfeet giving page

June 13, 2022