Superfeet Giving Fair 2024: Expanding Our Impact

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A woman at the Superfeet Giving Fair raises her arms in excitement

Superfeet empower athletes to perform their best, fight fatigue for workers on their feet, and provide pain-relieving shape in the shoes of anyone who wants to get the most out of every step. As Superfeeters, we’re proud of the support our insoles bring to millions of people around the world. But the impact that truly makes Superfeet special is the support we give to organizations helping to create a healthier, happier planet for all.

Superfeet gives 1% of annual sales to local, national, and international organizations. That means the purchase of your new insoles not only helps you feel better on your feet, it also contributes to making a sustained, positive difference in the world!

While our national and international efforts are incredibly important, we are also proud to support local causes based near our headquarters in the Pacific Northwest. We not only award grants to organizations in the area, we also host a Giving Fair at Superfeet HQ every year.

The Giving Fair is a chance for Superfeet team members to connect with a variety of organizations whose missions include protecting the environment and providing access to the outdoors for underserved communities, supporting foster families, providing mental health services and so much more. Along with the many organizations we’re thrilled to see back from years past, we have expanded our impact with new additions like Eat Local First and the D.I.S.H Foundation.

The best part about the Giving Fair? We as Superfeeters get $1,000 each to give to one cause close to our heart or spread across as many as ten different organizations making a difference in our community. It is a fantastic way to meet the people doing the work as well as learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities. Of course, our non-local team members and those unable to make it to the Giving Fair also get $1,000 to give to an organization of their choice. It all adds up to huge strides forward (no pun intended) for both our community and the world.

Thank you to all the great organizations who participated in this year’s Giving Fair!

July 3, 2024