Superfeet Hockey Insoles: The Ultimate Assist

Hockey player in a locker putting a Superfeet Hockey Performance insole in his skate.

Top-of-the-line skates or the most expensive stick don’t automatically make someone a great hockey player, only dedication and practice can do that. But the right equipment can give a great player the edge and make all those hours on the ice worth it.

Superfeet Hockey insoles optimize skate fit and deliver support under the feet of great players everywhere from pro teams to rec leagues. Watch the video below to see why the unique advantages of Superfeet Hockey insoles make them the top choice for athletes at every level.


Superfeet Hockey insoles deliver stabilizing support under your heels and arches, while maintaining a slim profile designed specifically for hockey skates. Experience unbelievable skate fit and comfort for tight turns, hard stops and quick acceleration. In fact, when put to the test, Superfeet Hockey Performance insoles increased acceleration by 11%. In a game where every second counts, that is a huge advantage.

Superfeet hockey insoles also have an anatomically engineered heel cup that secures your feet in the skate, enabling seamless energy transfer to the ice. Other insoles with flat heels allow room for instability and unwanted movement.


Both Superfeet Hockey insoles provide superior skate fit and support, but they are made from different high-quality materials, and each provide their own unique feel. Which Hockey insoles you choose depends on what you’re looking for out of your skates.

Hockey Performance insoles give strong yet springy support under the heels and arches. The stabilizing rearfoot support cap is made with EVOLyte® – a proprietary carbon fiber polymer blend. The Flybridge™ design loads and channels energy as you move. For players who bring all they have to ice every time, Hockey Performance insoles won’t let you down.  

Hockey Cushion insoles deliver flexible support and cushion that helps reduce friction, blisters and hot spots. The heel cradle provides shape around the back of the foot and under the arches while remaining flexible for ultimate comfort. For players who want the best fitting skates they’ve ever had, Hockey Cushion insoles fight fatigue so you can stay in the game all season long.

July 2, 2024