good fit trio
 Here at SFHQ, when we talk about fitting a foot in a shoe with the right insole, we discuss three specific aspects of the experience.

The 3 equal parts

When you're looking for the right insole for you, you can start with any of these three aspects - the Foot, the Footwear or the Activity - and then use the other two as options to narrow down your choices.

The Foot

The whole reason we're here. We design low, medium, and high profile insoles that can adapt the shape of the shoe to better fit your foot. We base these profiles on data collected over the last 35 years from millions of pairs of feet. The ‘profile' is the amount of shape you'll feel under your foot. The higher the profile, the more support you'll feel.

• Low profile is our most accommodating shape and provides support for the widest range of foot types.
• Medium profile is our intermediate shape and provides basic support for most foot types.
• High profile offers the most shape and provides maximum support for most foot types.

The Footwear

An insole won't help if it doesn't fit the footwear. You don't want to cram a high-volume insole into a tight-fitting boot. And it's unlikely you'll have a positive experience if you put a high heel insole in a running shoe. All our insoles have a job to do in the shoe that's right for you. The term we use around SFHQ is ‘volume'. Volume describes how much room you have in your footwear for both the insole and your foot.

• Low volume fits in the widest range of footwear, including tight-fitting styles without re-movable insoles.
• Medium volume fits in most styles of footwear, including styles without removable in-soles.
• High volume fits in roomy footwear with removable insoles.

The Activity

Sure, you *could* run a marathon in a western boot, but in most cases there is a style of footwear designed specifically for what you want to do. We craft our insoles to adapt the functional shortcomings of most types and styles of footwear. So you can go do what you want to get done. 

What do you think?

We hope this helps you find the right Superfeet for your foot (or footwear or activity – you get the picture). Find the best Superfeet for you by taking the Superfeet Insole Finder Quiz, or go straight to shop Superfeet insoles.  

August 11, 2013