Time Saving Keto Meal Prep Hacks

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Time Saving Keto Meal Prep Hacks

By: Justine Van Drunen — Superfeet Wellness Panel Member. Justine has lost 141lbs by maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Justine, known online as Lean Justine, chronicles her journey on her Instagram and YouTube channels, sharing workout videos, nutrition tips and fitness inspiration. Her passion is helping others reach their goals.

Meal prep doesn't have to be scary. In fact, it can save you a lot of time and energy when you do it correctly. Even if you're not the most organized person in the world, making a few simple changes to your meal prep process can help you to be less stressed during the week when things are hectic and cooking dinner is the last thing on your mind. Meal-prepping can help you make healthier choices (and bonus: it reduces your risk of hitting the drive-thru on your way home).  

Here are my time-saving hacks for making meal prep a breeze: 

Chop produce ahead of time or go for the pre-chopped

Time Saving Keto Meal Prep Hacks

Whichever veggies you choose, having them sliced and diced will make so much easier to whip up a nutritious meal, even when you're in a time crunch. Veggies like broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower are some top contenders for those on a keto diet. These veggies are low in carbs and can be tossed in a fatty sauce or topping like avocado dressing, butter or oil. 

Buy avocados in a variety of ripeness levels

Time Saving Keto Meal Prep Hacks

Avocados are an essential ingredient for those following a keto lifestyle. They are high in healthy fats, low in carbs and have some protein which will keep you satisfied longer. Avocados can be added to almost any meal, which means you will be eating a lot of them. It's a great idea to buy them at different stages of ripeness so you'll have the perfect one all week. Pro tip: try adding avocado & a fried egg to keto bread. 

They see me roastin'
Time Saving Keto Meal Prep Hacks

Roast a large batch of veggies at the start of each week so they're ready to use. Veggies that roast well are Brussel sprouts, zucchini and cauliflower. Roasted veggies have a divine taste and will add variety to your meals during the week. Add some oil & salt before popping them in the oven and voila…perfection!  You can even toss some in the air fryer for added crunch to meals. My favorite way to cook Brussels sprouts is to roast,  then air fry them! 

Prep two proteins
Time Saving Keto Meal Prep Hacks

Cooking your protein ahead of time and storing some in the fridge and some in the freezer is a great way to be prepped and ready for the week. Cook up at least two sources, like chicken, ground beef or eggs. Keep some handy in the fridge to use in salads or bowls — they are typically good for about three to four days. Store the rest in the freezer in airtight containers. 

Use a wide variety of spices and sauces
Time Saving Keto Meal Prep Hacks

Bland food is uninspiring, so find one or two spices or sauces you love and use them for different foods. A mix of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper not only goes great on salads, it's really great on chicken and veggies.  Research and find out which spices pair well with specific  proteins and veggies and let your creativity take your taste buds on a wild journey.

Invest in good containers

Having the right containers will make your meal prep process so much easier. Find containers that are the right portion for your proteins and veggies.  That way the measuring part is done, and you don't have to worry about that step when it's time to eat your meal.


February 23, 2020