What's Different About Superfeet Women's Specific Insoles?

What's Different About Superfeet Women's Specific Insoles?

Today we're sharing a quick Q & A about Superfeet women's specific insoles.  Superfeet makes women's insoles for running, women's insoles for hiking, women's insoles for skiing and snowboarding, women's insoles for general activites, women's insoles for slim-fitting casual footwear like ballet flats and women's insoles for high-heeled shoes and boots

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Are Superfeet women's specific products the same as other Superfeet insoles, just smaller?

The short answer: no (we didn't shrink the insoles and make them pink). 

Superfeet women's-specific products feature the naturally supportive energizing foundation of the Superfeet shape, just like all Superfeet insoles. 

However, the size and proportions of the shape are different for Superfeet women's specific products. 

It's important to remember, no two feet are alike — not even your own. In general, women's feet are usually much more narrow. The same goes for women's footwear. The inside surface of a women's shoe (where the Superfeet insole will sit) has a narrower overall width. For those reasons — the width of the typical female foot and women's footwear in general — Superfeet women's-specific insoles are narrower than unisex Superfeet insoles. 

Additionally the arch length of a woman's foot is shorter in proportion the overall length of the foot, compared to a man's foot. Generally, women's heels also tend to also be slimmer in relation to the width of the forefoot, and lower in overall volume than a man's foot.  These anatomical dimensions and proportions are designed into Superfeet women's specific insoles.  

Can men wear women's-specific Superfeet products?

Absolutely (and vice versa - women can wear non women's-specific products)! Superfeet insoles labeled women's-specific are just that: a label, designed to help you find the right product for you.  When you see "women's-specific" know that it means that insole is narrower and has a proportionally shorter arch length and slimmer heel than the unisex version of the insole.  If that describes your foot shape, try it —it might be a better fit for you. 

Why does the size and shape of women's insoles matter?  

Because foot health is an essential part of your overall well-being.  What you wear on your feet has a big influence on your overall health and wellness. If you need help choosing the right Superfeet for you, we're here to help!  Call (800) 634-6618 for a personal recommendation or find a retailer near you.  

January 28, 2020