Why Your Shoes Aren't Enough: An insider's look into the space behind the laces

Why Your Shoes Aren't Enough: An insider's look into the space behind the laces

Do you love shoes as much as we do? We swoon at the number of pairs crying out, demanding to be worn - all the different styles for different occasions and activities.

For those about to walk, we salute shoes

We salute the thought, time and effort each shoe and boot manufacturer puts into making every pair look good. We appreciate the value of a well-constructed boot: the protection a durable upper and rugged sole give our feet.

Then, the other shoe dropped

With their focus on the exterior look and function, there is one component of a shoe that is often overlooked: the space inside. The exact spot your foot will occupy the whole time you’re wearing the thing.

Take a load off

Consider your feet. In fact, take a seat, pull off your shoes, put both flat on the floor and look at them. Now, stand up. Put a pen by the tips of your toes as a gauge if you’d like. It’s likely as you stand your foot spreads out and elongates to support your weight.

The flatter the surface, the more your foot flattens out.

Flat surfaces – Your Arch Enemy

It’s all the flat surfaces that tire your feet. Tired feet ache. Aching feet are no fun. Just ask anyone with plantar fasciitis.

Now let’s consider that overlooked space inside your shoes. What’s the surface like in there? That’s right: Flat again. Remember: the flatter the surface, the more your foot flattens. Think about that. Your foot expands and elongates on the flat surface inside the constricted space of your shoe. That can be a real problem. But it doesn’t have to be.

Et tu, Shoe-té (Meh. Reached the bottom of your shoe pun list, didn’t ya?)

Don’t get us wrong: the shoe and boot manufacturers get it as close as they possibly can, but they’ve got their hands full with the design and the function of the whole unit.

We think about feet. A lot.

At Superfeet, we’ve spent a breathtaking amount of time thinking about the part of a shoe no one can see. Outta sight; outta mind, right? Not around here.

It’s all in the shape – the Superfeet Shape

What have we learned? Your foot is not flat. The bottom is 3-dimensional, with distinct curves and contours. 

Add a contoured insole in your shoe to adapt the 3-dimensional contours of your foot to the flat, 2-dimensional surface in your shoes. With the no-longer-flat, contoured shape under your foot, it uses less space to spread out and elongate, while supporting your weight.

Superfeet and footwear: Like peanut butter goes with jelly

The shoes and insoles work together – in fact, both work better when they work together. Your shoe connects you to the ground. The insole connects your foot to the shoe. You get a better sense of the ground you’re on.

It all comes together

One of the first questions we ask to help you choose which Superfeet insole that is right for you: what type of shoe are you wearing and what are you doing in those shoes? We have to know about the space inside your shoe to know which Superfeet insoles will fit.

The insoles make those great-looking shoes even better – better fit, better function, and way more comfortable for your feet and ankles, your knees, back, and overall body.*

Ready to experience the Superfeet difference?

We’ve made a science of fine-tuning the inside of the shoe or boot. Give your shoes and feet some extra love – shop online for Superfeet insoles, call our Customer Care team, or visit a Superfeet retailer near you.

*Superfeet collected market research study questionnaires from respondents using Superfeet insoles. Results based on respondents’ self-reported improvements

April 15, 2015