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Get an incredible fit – no casting or baking required. The Superfeet COPPER features a pressure-sensitive, memory foam layer that molds to the contours of your foot.fit profile copper


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Quick Overview


Get an incredible fit – no casting or baking required. The Superfeet COPPER features a pressure-sensitive, memory foam layer that molds to the contours of your foot.fit profile copper



Simply wear the Superfeet COPPER insoles to create perfect impressions of your feet. The memory foam captures the shape from the pressure of your foot while you stand, walk or run through the day. The COPPER offer the most flexible and accommodating shape and support.

Superfeet COPPER insoles are vegan and free of latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde and preservatives.

Fit Profile

Low-profile insole that offers the most flexible and accommodating shape and support.

Fits Best In

High-volume athletic, casual and dress footwear with removable insoles.


If you are not satisfied with your new Superfeet Insoles, return them with your receipt within 60 days to your place of purchase for a credit or refund.


Superfeet insoles help adapt the flat midsole of the footwear to your foot. Three foam layers work together to capture an impression of your foot, while the distinct Superfeet shape and structured heel cup help to stabilize the foot and provide support.

  • 1.

    Heel Cup

    Features the most accommodating heel cup and can help position the heel to naturally absorb impact.

  • 2.

    Biomechanical Shape

    The flexible, accommodating shape provides biomechanical support to all foot types and can help reduce stress on feet, ankles and knees.

  • 3.

    Memory Foam Top Layer

    Pressure-sensitive foam that captures the shape of the foot.

  • 4.

    Organic, Odor-Control Coating

    All natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria.



I bought my first pair of Copper insoles about 3 months ago. I have hard to fit feet, they're flat, and I have pain and discomfort in all of my shoes, until now. I've taken most of the insoles out of my shoes and put my Copper insoles in whatever I'm wearing that day. Until I bought these insoles I was good for about 9 holes but now, 18 is no problem. I'll be buying more.

(Posted on 4/28/2016)


On my second set of Superfeet Copper insoles. First pair lasted 2 years and still gave decent support in the arch, but the padding (foam) in the area around the ball of the foot was worn down pretty flat.

Spend long hours at work on hard floors and these are really the ticket for my flat arches.

(Posted on 1/28/2016)


These copper insoles make my snowboard boots feel like slippers. I've always suffered from wide feet with low arches but these insoles are a dream come true! Simply Amazing. I love you, SuperFeet

(Posted on 1/20/2016)


These are by far the best inserts a person could walk on bar-none! Wether standing in one spot or moving around my legs and knees have never felt better. Forget about foot pain, you put these in your work boots and your heels and toes will never bark again. You will never need anything else in your shoes again.
Paul Socki
Chicago, IL
Industrial Machine Mechanic

(Posted on 2/25/2015)


Best insoles I have used.

I am currently active duty Army, and needless to say we spend alot of time on our feet. The one sub par area of our issued boots has always been the insoles. Generally they are just a foam insoles that offers no real support and really crappy cushion on top of it all. With all the time we spend abusing our feet a good insole is a must, and to top it off I have large, narrow, flat feet.....you can imagine my issues finding good insoles.

After trying numerous other brands a friend recommended Superfeet, so I shot an email asking which pair to try and was recommended the copper for a number of reasons pertaining to my foot structure.

So I gave them a try and had my fiancee ship them to me, and after 4 days of use I can honestly say I have never felt better. The first 3 dayz were kinda rough, the added support made my arch hurt, and the added volume cause my boots to pinch and rub in ways they never have. So it took a couple of days of use to break them in and get a good mold between the boots and insoles(our issued boots are cow hide and generally stiff anyways), but now I no longer get the fatigue and pains I had with the standard insoles, or any other insole for that matter.

Not only was the customer support great, but the insoles have made my job a lot easier. So I give them 5 stars and recommend them to anyone who has flat feet or low arches and needs a good high volume insole for work boots.

Thanks Superfeet.

(Posted on 9/4/2014)


We were getting ready for a hiking trip to Zion & Escalante and I had been experiencing mod-severe heel pain for approximately 6 months. My Lowa Zephyr insoles simply weren't giving me relief, so we stopped by REI after landing in Vegas. I purchased the copper insoles and literally have never looked back. Aside from 4 days of hiking in Zion (Narrows, Angel's, Subway), we did a 21.7 p2p (Escalante) and never, not once did my heels scream for mercy.

In addition, I now wear my boots 4/5 clinic days. I tried the green & blue insoles with my regular Brooks shoes but found the greatest relief with the copper insoles/hiking boots. My clinic work station is a stand-up station and I'm literally on my feet approximately 9-11 hours/day while at work.

My experience with Suuperfeet insoles and related pain relief have given me confidence in recommending them to my patients (and friends) without hesitation. Excellent product, outstanding value, excellent service & support - couldn't ask for anything more.

(Posted on 8/19/2014)


I got these insoles after multiple tries of different insoles. They all seem to work at first but then they get worn out quickly. I was interested in this pair because of the three layers. I had a bunionectomy in 2012 that leaves me with very little range of motion and irritation. With this pair I am able to walk in my boots all day and swap them out later to go to the gym with no problems. Now I am looking to see what others insoles that can benefit my feet in other activities.

(Posted on 3/25/2014)


Very Comfortable in my snowboard boots. I previously had the classic Green Insoles in, no realizing they were for high arches. With my flat feet I desperately needed something else. These immediately provided me relief from aching pain in arches.

(Posted on 3/24/2014)


Purchased the Copper DMP at sporting goods store in Gatlinburg Ten. last October and my feet stop hurting after a full day of walking around the village, I will be purchasing another pair again

(Posted on 2/27/2014)

Alex B. ACE- Personal Trainer

I recently just placed my Super Feet into my new hiking boots and I am completely impressed! I took out the old factory insoles and there is a world of difference on how much more cushion and support there are with these. They made my boots come alive! I am a ski patroller and being out in the backcountry can be very tough if not properly equipped. These will help prevent injuries by providing better balance and support over uneven and rough terrain. I am also a personal trainer and would completely recommend these to my clients. They offer motion control if you are an over pronator and help keep your knees healthy by reducing the daily impact on the joint and cartilage. This intern can also lead to reduced back pain and discomfort. I would buy them again any day and have been giving them to my family as gifts to help them feel better all day long. If you are on the edge about trying Super Feet, I can attest to the Copper insoles they are truly fantastic!

(Posted on 2/26/2014)


Very comfortable, instant relief of pain in my feet!! I love my new insert and will never buy anything else but Super feet!!

(Posted on 1/11/2014)


Was very satisfied with SF orange. They lasted 2 years+. Got new shoes, naturally needed new insoles, so I tried copper. No break-in, no problem. I share my enthusiasm for SF with co-workers, but the usual reply is "the shoes come with insoles". They just don't get it!

(Posted on 11/11/2013)

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Superfeet Footwear Sizing Guide

There is no industry standard for footwear sizes. For example, a size 8 by one footwear manufacturer might be different from a size 8 produced by another. That's why Superfeet makes full-length insoles in size ranges (typically spanning 1½ sizes) to handle the variations. You may need to trim your insoles to fit in your footwear.

What to look for in a proper fit:

  • Check if your heel fits inside the heel cup, and not over the edge.
  • If the insole is too narrow, go up a letter-size.
  • If your toes extend beyond the end of the foam forefoot, go up a letter-size.