Northwest Podiatric Laboratory Pediatric Insole Line
The simplest way to add improved function and support to children’s footwear.  Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, a leading custom foot orthotic laboratory, crafts (product name) using biomechanical principles developed by a dedicated team who, through years of specialized training, know orthotics like nobody else. 

A fit for every foot.

Superfeet insoles come in a variety of materials and thicknesses and can be used for most activities, under any type of foot.

Low arched, medium arched, high arched foot types iconography


A fit for every shoe.

Superfeet insoles are available for just about any kind of style and type of footwear from dress shoes to cleated boots.

A fit for every age.

Our Superfeet products are available in just about any range of sizes to fit almost anyone from children to adults.