Superfeet has spent the last 43 years keeping people on their feet. In response to COVID-19 we shifted our insole and footwear manufacturing focus to PPE with the goal of helping to keep the medical community on their feet in this time of need.

Superfeet is using our Product Development, Engineering, Sourcing, 3D Printing Capacity and Manpower to aid in the fight against COVID-19. We responded to our local hospital's need for PAPR hoods by designing a sanitizable, reusable hood. We've accepted orders for 42,000 units that are delivering in April to hospitals in the Northwest and are opening up an additional 30,000 unit capacity that will deliver in May nationwide.

PAPR Hoods produced by Superfeet are natively compatible with the 3M Air-Mate system and using our 3D printers, we have adaptors to allow them to be used with the major systems found in hospitals today. The hoods are Reusable and Sanitizable and designed to stand up to the rigors of the current environment.

Compatible with:

  • 3M Air-Mate™
  • 3M Versaflo™
  • ILC Dover Sentinel XL®
  • Honeywell North®

Key Features:

  • Durable, reusable design
  • 3D Printed adaptors
  • UV Sanitizable
  • Wipe Sanitizable

For More Information

If you are a medical facility in need of PAPR hoods, or know of a facility that does, please reach out to to see how we can be of assistance.

Superfeet PAPR hood personal protective equipment


What are the costs for the PAPR Hoods?
We make the hoods available at our cost of $52/unit. Larger volume orders allow us to reduce the price due to manufacturing efficiency.

Are they reusable?
Our PAPR hoods are reusable and can be cleaned with either UV light or sanitizing wipes.

What system is this hood compatible with?
The hood is natively compatible with the 3M Air-Mate system. With our clip on adaptors the hood is also compatible with:

  • 3M Versaflo™
  • ILC Dover®
  • Honeywell®

Which hospitals have validated these masks?
The hoods have been validated with the Peace Health, Multicare and Providence Hospital Networks.

How many hoods can you provide?
Current capacity is 10,000 per week, up to 30,000 hoods are available for delivery in May.

What are the technical specifications of the masks?
These hoods are made with optically clear gloss Polycarbonate/Lexan faceshields. The hood material is lightweight marine grade coated vinyl, elastic and with Nylon 3D parts and adaptors.

What is the sizing?
They are available in Regular and Large. We see a 70/30 size mix, skewed Regular/Large

Where is Superfeet located?
Superfeet is a 100% employee owned company located in Ferndale, WA. U.S.A.