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End-to-End Solution

The practice of the future is data driven and patient centric. The more data you have the more informed you will be about making the right decisions for your patients. Using Materialise Footscan Assessment Technology, capture your patient’s digital gait so you can perform objective clinical assessments, define optimal treatment plans, track patients’ progress, and create truly custom 3D-printed orthotics based on AI-generated corrections.

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Quickly capture accurate, real-time dynamic data, from your patient’s unique movement to their roll-off pattern and pressure points using pressure plates and/or 3D scanners.


Use our intuitive platform for static and dynamic analysis, 3D visualizations, force graphs, and side-by-side comparisons.

Observe how your patient’s feet move in realistic situations and identify pressure points, timing, and abnormalities across every phase of their gait.

Use the system to easily explain your patient’s treatment plan and monitor progress over time using clear visualizations and reporting features.



Using the Kinetic Suite and 3D-printing technology, create custom orthotics that are precisely tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

  • Efficient, convenient digital workflow process
  • Top-quality materials
  • Superior durability and flexibility


Whether you are a physical therapist, chiropractor, or a sports medicine practitioner, the pressure plate solution  allows you to create highly personalized orthotics that precisely fit each patient’s unique needs, ensuring optimal comfort and support.

Combining this plug-and-play scanning technology with data-driven software allows you to define optimal treatment plans, track patients’ progress, and create truly custom 3D-printed orthotics.


This high-quality 3D scanner solution was designed with podiatric practitioners in-mind. Unlike traditional methods, 3D scanning creates an exact digital image of the foot, resulting in orthotics that provide optimal comfort and support.

This solution provides unparalleled precision resulting in a decreased chance of error and efficient repeatability of the orthotics.

Why Go Digital?

Efficiently assess and evaluate balance and gait to identify an optimal treatment plan
Save time and money by providing fast objective assessments and eliminating the casting process
Relax in comfort knowing that our research-backed software is continuously updated and improved
Provide your patients with clear visualization, reporting, and progress tracking
Simplify and enhance your patients’ experience from start to finish

The Materialise Kinetic Suite is user-friendly, and its genius lies in its simplicity. It’s been eye-opening. I’m such a hands-on guy, but with the Kinetic Suite, I can just sit back, trust the system, and get very good results with the orthotics.

-Dr. Marcus Munger, Munger PT

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