Gift idea #3: Give a see-Nemo-in-real-life experience

Gift idea #3: Give a see-Nemo-in-real-life experience

This is not your ordinary gift guide. You won't find links to this year's must haves or door buster deals.

Instead, we're embracing the #optoutside spirit by encouraging you to think outside the gift box and give the gift of experiences this holiday season.

Need ideas?

We asked a few of our Super Squad Ambassadors and Superfeet employee-owners for some of their favorite experiences to give. Plus, we've added ideas to turn help you wrap these experiences into gifts to go under the tree. 

In the River Valley

//Give a see-Nemo-in-real-life experience (for kids and their grown-ups)//

Tickets to the local aquarium or science center.

Kids love connecting with nature. When the weather is cold and wet, they can still do that indoors, while learning about science and animal life.

//How to gift it//

Purchase day passes (or if you want to go bigger, an annual membership) online. Attach the tickets to a small stuffed animal they soon may see at the aquarium (may we suggest a stuffed narwhal). Alternatively, pick up a book about ocean critters or scientists and tuck the tickets inside.

//Upgrade it//

Give GO Comfort Insoles

December 8, 2017