Goal-Setting Inspiration to Start Your New Year

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Goal-Setting Inspiration to Start Your New Year

Ready to start 2020 off on the right foot?  We asked some of our Superfeet Ambassadors to share their epic goals for 2020. 

Get ready to be inspired — it's time to start making plans to make 2020 your best year yet! 

2020 Goals
2020 is fast approaching and I am most excited, first and foremost, for my wedding in August! Secondly, to continue to help others who are on their own fitness journey, be the support, motivation, inspiration they need to reach their goals! 

— Justine  (@lean.justine)

Vision 2020
My main goal for 2020 is to grow our coaching businesses and to help as many people in the process along the way. As an athlete? Keep hitting bigger lines on my skis and mountain bike and breaking more PR's in my ultra trail marathons - last year I ran my first 50 miler and next year I plan on running 2 more! And as my goal as a mom and wife? Get outside with our son everyday and help him improve on his skis, bike and Moto. He may only be 3, but that doesn't stop him!

— Shannon (@shannonmahre // @mahremade // @girlswithgritnw

Vision 2020
I'm ready to crush my goals - personally and professionally! Looking forward to running adventures with my trail sisters, which include Mt. Hood 50k, Javelina Hundred 100k and Grand Canyon Rim to Rim. Bring on 2020!

— Meghan (@mvdunham5_runs)

Vision 2020
I've got three big goals in 2020: 1) finish writing my book ‘Barista to Boardroom' and start the publishing process, 2) build my business and have a solid pipeline of consulting clients and 3) run my fifth marathon on Chicago in October and get a big PR!

— Christine (@christine.mchugh.runs)

Vision 2020
My 2020 vision consists of being back on skis after recovering from ACL Surgery last February. I'm most looking forward to getting into the backcountry, traveling abroad, and competing in some Freeride World Qualifiers for big mountain skiing. Bring on the powder days ahead!

Katie (@tahoek8)

Vision 2020
For 2020 we have several goals. We both want to challenge ourselves. David will be shooting for another Boston Qualifying race and marathon PR as well as a ticket into the Western States 100. I will be aiming for more ultras that push me outside my comfort zone. We also love exploring new places so we try and choose races in regions we have not been to. But our biggest vision/goal for 2020 is to re-connect with all of the amazing people we have met throughout this van life journey over the past 2 years. 

— Amy + David (@david_amy_mira)

Vision 2020
My goal for 2020 is to fully embrace winter and get outside! This new year I want to ski tour up a few mountains in the Canadian Rockies. I also want to learn how to ice climb!

— Emmanuelle (@emm.inthewild)

Vision 2020
My plans for the coming year are to stay healthy and race more. I recently got a new road bike and  I'd like to try out a couple duathlon and triathlon events, put in a sub 3 hr. marathon, and I also hope to run my first 100 miler in 2020.

— Dan (@dan_journey)

December 22, 2019