Grateful For YOU

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Grateful For YOU

There's no better time than the season of Thanksgiving to reflect on some of the moments that mattered most during this difficult, unpredictable year.

Going into this year we had a vision for how 2020 was going to shake out. Our company set record growth goals, we had new products and technologies set to launch and our 1% giving would be more than ever before.

That is not the year we got.

The pandemic hit. Travel stopped. Retail stores closed. Factories halted production. The events of 2020 changed all our lives in almost every way.  Despite the changes, one thing remained constant at Superfeet: we have always and will always put people first, including you. This core value led to bright spots throughout the year.

Here are a few of the things we're giving thanks for this year: 

Hold on insoles, hello PPE

At the height of the pandemic more than 45,000 frontline healthcare workers across the US received essential, life-saving PPE, thanks to a collaboration between Superfeet and several Pacific Northwest-based companies to create, manufacture and deliver PAPR hoods.  At a time when all of us feel a little bit helpless, we are grateful to play a small but important role supporting frontline workers as they battle COVID-19.

Sparking hard conversations

Sometimes it takes big moments and tough conversations to spark real, lasting change.  The events of 2020 shed light on a simple fact that, when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, we have a lot of work to do.  We are a work in progress but we're thankful to be on the path, taking the steps needed to create a better tomorrow for all.

That WFH life

When a 6-week shift to remote work stretched to 6-months and then far beyond that, the Superfeet team embraced uncertainty with patience, grace and humor. By using the measures described in our initial COVID update , we're so thankful no one at Superfeet lost employment due to the pandemic. It's not lost on any of us how fortunate we are to be able to do meaningful work when so many people are suffering and struggling.  Because of this, we have a sense of renewed commitment to give 110% and to deliver the very best products and support for you. 

A new love for the outdoors & active lifestyles

With the need for social distancing, people across the country found a renewed love for hiking, running and all things outdoors. And when not possible, we saw so many of you trying new activities and embracing an active lifestyle close to home. We are grateful that so many of you turned to us for support in your pursuits and that you referred your friends and family to Superfeet to help them embrace new activities pain and injury free.

We realize the COVID pandemic is nowhere near close to being over. As we continue to move through this difficult time we are taking a moment to reflect on the things that connected us to something greater than ourselves, reminding us of the importance of our community. A community made up of amazing retailers, ambassadors, employee-owners, and people like you. Today, we are thankful to be along for every step of your lives.

From all of us at employee-owned Superfeet, Happy Thanksgiving.

November 24, 2020
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