Re-Energizing Life Hacks: Making Resolutions Last

Re-Energizing Life Hacks: Making Resolutions Last

Making Resolutions Last

Practical reminders, common sense approaches and clever solutions to avoid everyday challenges and live your best life. 

So, how are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions? If your answer is not so good, do not despair. You are not alone. Only 58.4 percent of Americans manage to stick their resolutions past the first month.

But consider this: the time to recommit is now. You can say YES to a healthier lifestyle, even if you’ve wavered during these first several weeks. To help you re-up on your New Year’s goals, we’ve put together these handy tips to help make your commitment stick:

Pick a Positive Resolution 

Most often, resolutions are couched in uncompromising terms: "I will stop smoking; I will spend less time on social media." Just the nature of this sentiment gives the resolution a weight that seems to doom it to failure. 

Instead, set a goal with a good reason behind it: "I will spend less time on social media so that I have more time for my family and friends." When you're tempted to break your resolution, remember what you are gaining when you stick to it. 

Replace a Bad Habit With a Good One 

To make it easier to keep your resolution, replace a bad habit with a good one. If you feel adrift without your regular dose of internet activity, replace that chat window with something you enjoy just as much, like an in-person chat with a friend. 

An in-person chat with a friend.

Be Realistic 

Don't expect to enjoy -- and stick to -- a new regimen of seven days a week at the gym if you haven't been to a gym in years. Start small with workout goals you know you can achieve easily, and increase your activity as you improve and progress. Just imagine where you'll be in a year's time! 

Break a Big Goal Into Manageable Parts 

Similarly, big things are achieved one step at a time. Break that daunting goal into tiny steps, and work on only one change until it becomes habit, then move onto the next. Even though each step is small and may seem inconsequential, you still benefit. And be sure to reward yourself at each step -- you earned it. 

Break a big goal into manageable parts

Build in Support 

People who have the internal fortitude to make life changes without anyone's help are few and far between. Let others support and encourage you. You might even find a buddy with the same goal, so you can keep each other accountable. That should make it a little less easy to give up your resolution. 

Also, consider logging your progress. A record you can refer to when your resolve begins to flag lets you see how far you've come, not how far you have to go. 

Build in Support

Don't Beat Yourself Up 

Who doesn't know someone who quit smoking several times before it really stuck? Even if you fail at keeping your resolution, it's a lesson learned and a step toward your goal. Treat the journey to your goal as an adventure. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. Nobody's going to think less of you if you have a setback or two. 

Don't get discouraged if you find keeping your resolution a tough go. Instead, look on the bright side. You're a healthy person, and you've stayed healthy for a reason. You have the insight, desire and stamina to take good care of yourself. Resolve to enjoy the new year, however it unfolds for you.

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February 28, 2019