How to Avoid Warm Weather Flip Flop Failures

How to Avoid Warm Weather Flip Flop Failures

With the arrival of spring comes flip-flops—those ubiquitous open-toed, slip-on sandals that are as comfortable and carefree to wear as they are sometimes potentially hazardous to your feet. While flip-flops complete most casual ensembles and seem to never go out of style, variations on them test the limits.

DON’T Get Flip Flop Fancy

flip flop don'ts

There's a lot going on here. NoirGuy

Even “good” flip-flops are relatively cheap, so please don’t try to fashion a pair from what you already have lying around. It’ll be funny for a second, but forever wrong.

Look for Supportive Sandals

All footwear serves up fashion and function, but seldom in equal measure. Sandals leave the wearer vulnerable to cuts, scrapes, and stubbed toes. The sub-category of flip-flops, with a flat sole and only a Y-shaped strap that fits between the big toe and the rest, are considered especially dangerous.

Five dollar flip flops from are especially bad news, unless you walk in them only short distances or just use them for public showers. If you use them for any other purpose than than, you run the risk of spraining ankles, plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis.

If you do like wearing flip flops all day and every day the weather calls for it, look for a heel cup, you’ll be less susceptible to pain in the soles of your feet

Wear Sunscreen with Flip-Flops


flip flop don'ts

Or else you'll end up with tan lines like these Richard Thomas

Get a bad sunburn while wearing flip-flops, and everyone will know. You may have to swear off wearing them for the rest of the season. Even pulling socks over your hot ‘lil doggies could be too painful to bear.

Skin cancer, particularly melanoma can start in your feet. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons said so.

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April 13, 2016