Meet the Running Stormtrooper

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Meet the Running Stormtrooper

Jez Allinson, aka The Running Stormtrooper is quite the force for good. We asked Jez to share a little more about what inspired The Stormtrooper Project and his passion for charity running.


What inspired the running stormtrooper project? 


I’ve always had a passion for charity fundraising, from my first 10km to Half Marathon and then the much revered London Marathon. I ran London for the first time (again for charity) in 2015 in normal clothes and fell in love with the event. I knew I wanted to do it again but could only get in via a charity place.

Why would anyone sponsor me though when I’d done one before? I know! I’m a huge Star Wars nerd/geek. I love the Stormtrooper costume and would love to get one. Why don’t I smash these two passions of mine together?

The rest is history.

Stormtrooper running through the woods Stormtrooper running through the woods
2018: 100K Run


How many races have you completed wearing the stormtrooper suit?


How many? No idea! I ran in it 103 times in 2020, so, since 2016, maybe around 180 races.

Stormtropper running the London Marathon Stormtropper running the London Marathon
April 2018 — the hottest London Marathon on record


What's next for you?


No idea! I’m undergoing some light physio as running 1,000 miles in 2020, coupled with my job as a military helicopter crew chief/crewmen has taken its toll on me. I’m currently enjoying running as me for a change. It’s lovely to be able to just lace up and go rather than taking 30 minutes to get ready.

I really want to run Chicago and Boston. I ran NYC in 2019, I loved it!

The running stormtrooper without his mask The running stormtrooper without his mask

Thanks Jez! We are inspired by your story, and your dedication to making a difference by supporting to Make-A-Wish and Spread-A-Smile. Follow along with The Running Stormtrooper on Instagram and on his podcast

May 3, 2021
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