New State-of-the-Art Personalised Footwear Fitting Experience Comes to Europe

New State-of-the-Art Personalised Footwear Fitting Experience Comes to Europe

Press release: 18 November 2020

New State-of-the-Art Personalised Footwear Fitting Experience Comes to Europe

In partnership with Superfeet, Volumental and Fitstation by HP this joint solution provides a custom fitting experience including 3D-printed insoles.

Superfeet, manufacturers of innovative over-the-counter insoles and footwear for the active and outdoor industries, has announced that its new, personalised insole and footwear fitting experience will be unveiled for the first time in Europe this November. This announcement follows a successful launch of the technology with premium run retailers across the USA.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology from Volumental and Superfeet’s partnership with HP, this new solution will offer a new level of customisation to shoppers, providing them with a precise fit unique to their foot shape along with a science-based recommendation for the best off-the-shelf footwear offering. Using the personalised data, Superfeet will manufacture the 3D-printed ‘ME3D’ insoles with its HP Jet Fusion 3D printers to deliver optimum performance and fit specific to an individual’s need.

Launching first in Norway across 37 stores with specialist sport retailer XXL (, the XXL Fitstation will then expand into Sweden, Finland and Austria, adding 49 more stores later this year.

“Consumers will no longer have to settle for mass-manufactured insoles and generic footwear fit, but instead supportive insoles personalised for both the shape and the movement of the individual’s foot,” said Frits Kuper, Director of International Sales at Superfeet. “We continue to take on a leadership role in the footwear market by reimagining the relationship between customers, retailer and brands and how to bring comfort and support to everyone. Taking innovation from concept to consumer.”

Through the XXL Fitstation experience the customer will receive a personal assessment that includes 3D foot scans, pressure measurements and a dynamic gait analysis, to identify a person’s unique motion path. Superfeet is then able to create individualised products designed specifically for the unique way a person moves. 

“We want to offer a unique customer experience,” said Anders Kjellèn, SVP Category Director Sports, Running & Training at Nordic retailer XXL. “This collaboration with Superfeet allows us to deliver a better fit of insoles and footwear for comfort and performance. Our ultimate goal is to have all consumers using XXL Fitstation so we can offer the best fitting experience possible finding the perfect shoe for each individual consumer. We will begin with a focus on runners, expanding this quickly to other sports.”

Data and workflow innovations combined with 3D printing are delivering an entirely new personalised product experience for consumers,” said Philipp Jung, Global Head of End-to-End Solutions for HP’s Personalization and Industrial Business. “We are excited about the expansion of the Fitstation by HP  personalised product experience to XXL customers.” 

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Based in Sweden, Volumental helps global footwear brands and retailers lead shoppers to their perfect fit. In one click and five seconds, Volumental’s 3D scanner gathers ten different foot measurements and all the data needed for our AI-powered Fit Engine to offer personalized footwear recommendations. The solution empowers retailers and brands to build a new, omnichannel customer journey, reconsider the limits of current sizing systems, and unlock their unique value across channels – both in-store and online.

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November 18, 2020