Plantar Fasciitis Relief: Best-Selling Superfeet Inserts and Insoles

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Foot with taco sock stepping onto Run Pain Relief insole

Whether you’ve never heard of plantar fasciitis or you know it’s agonizing wrath all too well, learning about what causes the painful foot condition and how it can be treated will put you one step ahead (pun intended) in avoiding its harmful effects, especially if you’re active on your feet.

Combining the right footwear with cushioned yet supportive insoles, like Superfeet insoles for plantar fasciitis relief, can do more than help alleviate the piercing heel pain of plantar fasciitis – it can also help prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

According to Matt Gooch, Certified Pedorthist and Vice President of Product and Innovation at Superfeet, “The signature shape of Superfeet insoles allow them to perfectly fit the contours of your feet, providing unmatched arch support and comfort that can help combat and prevent the stress and strain that leads to common foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. In fact, research has shown Superfeet insoles to reduce strain on the plantar fascia by almost 25%.”

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis

As the name suggests, plantar fasciitis affects the plantar fascia, the connective tissue on the bottom of your foot that runs from your heel bone to your forefoot. Without proper stability and support, the plantar fascia can be overly strained, leading to tears and inflammation. Plantar fasciitis pain is usually felt at the heel, but that’s not the only place the plantar fascia can become inflamed. That’s why insoles for reducing heel pain and inflammation provide support and cushioning for the whole foot, not just the heel. 

Runners often suffer from plantar fasciitis but working long hours on your feet or walking on hard, unforgiving surfaces in flat shoes can cause too much strain on your plantar fascia as well. Flexible feet that don’t have properly structured footwear and inserts for better foot stability and balance can be particularly prone to the condition. Having the right amount of cushioning that reduces impact forces and arch support that allows your foot to maintain its natural shape can work wonders to prevent plantar fasciitis.

How Superfeet Insoles Provide Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

One of the best things you can do to not only treat your pain in the short term but also prevent it from coming back in the future is to invest in the right pair of arch support insoles for reducing stress on the plantar fascia. Because the plantar fascia is the main structure making up the arch of your foot, keeping it properly supported is key. An insole constructed using soft foam combined with durable arch support not only cushions the foot but keeps it stable and supported in its natural shape, even when standing for long hours on hard surfaces.

Not all insoles are created equal. Orthotics for plantar fasciitis usually have both cushioned foam for comfort and strong arch support for stability. The softness of cheap gel inserts may be appealing for temporary relief but won’t solve the problem, while orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist may offer a custom fit but are expensive and may only work in certain shoes.

Choosing the right insole for your specific plantar fasciitis need, like insoles for running and athletic shoes or insoles for casual footwear, dress shoes and work boots, is an important factor to consider because the better your insoles fit your shoes, the better they’ll feel under your feet.

Choosing the Right Superfeet Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Because of their unique signature shape that fits like a puzzle piece under each foot, Superfeet products reduce stress on the feet and even joints like ankles and knees. Superfeet inserts can also improve gait and posture which helps your whole body feel good.

For a specific condition like plantar fasciitis, Superfeet Pain Relief insoles were created to do exactly what the name implies: relieve pain. Casual Pain Relief insoles are designed for casual shoes while Run Pain Relief insoles work great for athletic-style footwear. Both feature therapeutic foam for plush cushioning and EVOLyte® stabilizer caps infused with carbon fiber for responsive, lightweight arch support. They are also the only Superfeet insoles that come with an independent heel stabilizer, to keep the pain-relieving shape close to the foot.

Lifestyle Changes to Help Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis

Giving your feet proper support and cushioning is the best way to directly combat plantar fasciitis, but certain lifestyle changes can also make a difference. Staying off your feet as much as possible when experiencing extreme pain can limit inflammation. Shortening your run or taking a break from recreational activities can give your feet time to heal. 

In conjunction with giving your feet a rest, there are a few plantar fasciitis stretches and muscle strengthening exercises that can relieve pain and help prevent future injury. Stretching the plantar fascia while massaging the pain point, stretching and training your calves and even “toe yoga” can all help treat plantar fasciitis. 

Find Relief from Plantar Fasciitis with Superfeet Insoles

If you’ve ever suffered from plantar fasciitis pain, you know the debilitating affect it can have on your life. Don’t let inflammation in your feet keep you from enjoying your favorite activities. 

Comfortable footwear combined with insoles that have the right mix of cushioning and support, and the contoured shape that perfectly aligns with the bottoms of your feet, can help stop plantar fasciitis in its tracks or prevent tearing of the plantar fascia tissue in the first place. All Superfeet insoles, especially the Pain Relief products, offer long-lasting comfort and can help provide plantar fasciitis relief.

Not sure which insoles are right for your feet and footwear? Take the Superfeet Insole Finder Quiz to find your perfect pair. 

August 22, 2023