Super Squad Secrets: Tips For Getting Back On Your Feet

Super Squad Secrets: Tips For Getting Back On Your Feet

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just want to break your orbit from the couch, when you [insert whatever you choose to do here] there will always be a starting point.

For some, that means a 5:00 a.m. wake-up for 4-miles of wind sprints. For others, like fitness newbies, it’s a beginner’s yoga class. Or, it may be getting back into the swing of a routine after a recovery period from a big race.

So, we asked our athletes and ambassadors, how they kick off their day, get motivated and tackle their fitness goals. Their responses? Incredibly motivating. Keep reading for our key takeaways and for some serious fitspo (read: fitness inspiration).

Ease your way in and look for inspiration

We love this advice from ultra-marathon running machine Fast Eddy Dostaler. He wasn’t born running. Inspired by famed athletes Terry Fox and Rick Hansen, who have incredibly successful running careers. When Fast Eddy was 15, he took the first step. He didn’t have a running (or ultra-marathon running!) background—he had to work up to that as we all do. He loved how Fox and Hansen used their success to bring awareness to various charities. According to Eddy, it’s not about going all out: ease your way in and train. For inspiration, look to family, friends and/or charity to help reach fitness goals.

Set goals

Eric Engle has completed five IRONMAN triathlons. FIVE! We know that takes a whole lot of dedication and perseverance. But what fueled his passion to compete in his first and keep on racing?  He made a goal and stuck with it. Eric knew that he would have to make sacrifices in order to successfully reach his IRONMAN goals, but he also knew that finishing would be worth the time and effort he put into it.

Listen to your body

Having conquered more than 10,000 miles by foot, Justin and Patrice LaVigne constantly go through learning curves with each new adventure. After their most recent trek through New Zealand, we caught up with them to chat about their experience. Their number one piece of advice: Be adaptable and listen to your body. Between walking on diverse surfaces (sand, concrete, rivers, trails, etc.) and carrying heavy backpacking packs, the LaVignes are always tuning into how their feet feel and analyzing how they can keep their bodies happy so that they can continue on.

How do you keep your motivation on the up and up? What inspires you to get out there?

July 19, 2015