Working at Superfeet: Supporting Our Team Members, Communities and Planet

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Superfeet employees working together

Since 1977, Superfeet has made a positive impact on millions of lives around the world. Whether helping to relieve devastating foot pain, giving runners and athletes the edge in every step, or providing anti-fatigue cushion to workers who spend long hours on their feet, our insoles make a meaningful difference for anyone wanting the comfort and support only Superfeet can provide.

But Superfeet support goes far beyond just insoles. We’re proud of the support we give our team members, our communities, and this big, beautiful planet we call home. If you’re excited to join a dedicated team passionate about making a positive impact on the world (and having fun while doing it), check out our open positions here.

Supporting Our Team Members

Besides goodies like insoles for all your shoes (imagine never being uncomfortable on your feet again), discounted (and sometimes free) gear from our partner brands in the outdoor industry, and comprehensive healthcare coverage, Superfeet offers unique benefits like reimbursement programs for National Park passes and gym memberships.

Have a furry friend you don’t want to leave at home? Our headquarters in Ferndale, Washington are completely dog-friendly. Many positions at Superfeet are also eligible for a hybrid work schedule or even fully remote. At Superfeet, we believe in giving team members the flexibility to do their best work.

Supporting Our Communities

Superfeeters not only love being involved in their communities but also actively work to make them a better place. Each team member gets 16 hours of paid time off to volunteer, in addition to their vacation and sick days. Superfeet also grants every employee $1,000 to give to an organization of their choice that is helping to create a better world. And that’s just a small part of the giving at Superfeet.

Supporting Our Planet

Whether it’s supporting the protection of crucial eco-systems, especially those close to home in the Pacific Northwest, or introducing recycled materials into our products, Superfeet is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to fight climate change. We’ve measured the carbon emissions of our entire business, including our end-to-end supply chain, and are taking steps to reduce our impact with the ultimate goal of becoming completely carbon neutral. 

Make an Impact

As a member of our passionate, thoughtful, creative, fun-loving team, you’ll help make a positive impact on the world, not only with Superfeet products but through the ways Superfeet supports the communities we live in, supporting national and international organizations making the world a better place, and doing our part to sustain a healthy planet for all. 

December 15, 2023