How do I choose the right Superfeet insole for me?

Take the Superfeet Insole Finder quiz. Answer a few quick questions about your feet, your footwear and your activities and we'll recommend the best Superfeet insoles for you.

What are the benefits of Superfeet insoles?

The short answer: Superfeet insoles help you move more comfortably so you can spend more time doing what you love.

The longer version: Superfeet insoles provide Comfort, Pain Relief and Performance. You can dramatically improve the fit, function and feel of your footwear by adding a pair of Superfeet insoles. The Superfeet shape can reduce foot fatigue and help resolve common foot and lower leg injuries, like plantar fasciitis/heel pain, shin splints, patellofemoral pain syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome, etc. Finally, you can enhance certain aspects of performance, like going farther or faster, with Superfeet insoles in your footwear.

What makes Superfeet different?

Our shape. We use cutting-edge technology and innovative materials to take elements of our proprietary Superfeet shape and create insoles tailored to specific activities, uses and footwear styles. Some Superfeet insoles may feel different than you expected. This design is intentional — the contours of each insole are positioned to have maximum impact on the way your foot functions as you move. However, your comfort is key — if the insole feels uncomfortable to you, try a different Superfeet style.

How do Superfeet insoles work?

Superfeet insoles work by interacting with your foot in ways the ground or a traditional shoe can’t. The human foot is designed to adapt to uneven, natural terrain. Our world has become hard and flat, thanks to man-made surfaces like sidewalks, tile floors and paved roads. For your foot, it’s exhausting, and can be painful. Our proprietary Superfeet shape adapts the generic, flat surface in your shoes to the contours of your foot, making it easier for you to move.

Who are Superfeet insoles for?

You! Superfeet insoles enhance the fit and feel of a wide variety of footwear, from high heels to hockey skates, hiking boots to high-tops. There’s a Superfeet insole that can help you feel great doing the things you love.

What are the new product names and why did they change?

Superfeet product names have changed to better describe the benefits of every Superfeet insole — new names tell you exactly what the insole is best used for, how you can expect it to feel, and how it will fit your foot. If you have a go-to insole you know and love, you can still use previous names in the website search bar to find the right product. We've also updated our packaging with a fresh new look. All with the same unbelievable comfort, pain relief, and performance you expect from Superfeet. You can view a complete list of new product names here.


What is your return policy?

Superfeet has a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Superfeet guarantees its products will provide satisfactory improvement in comfort and performance. If you are not completely satisfied with the Superfeet product, you may return the product within 60 days of purchase for a credit or refund. Please see https://www.superfeet.com/guarantee for full terms and conditions. For products purchased from a Superfeet authorized seller, products may be returned to the Retailer’s retail premises or by post in the manner indicated on the Retailer’s website.

Help, my insoles squeak! What should I do?

Most often this is caused by improper fit in your shoes. First, be sure the insole is trimmed correctly. Remove the Superfeet from your shoe. If you see creases in the foam at the toe or sides of the insole, you may need to do some additional trimming. Slightly trim the edges of the insole. There should be a small gap of 1 to 2 mm (that’s about the width of a nickel) between the Superfeet insole and the end of your footwear. If the squeak persists after trimming, try adding some talc or baby powder under the Superfeet insole. Should the squeak be absolutely relentless, give us a call at (800) 634-6618 and we’ll help remedy the issue.

Should I clean my Superfeet insoles? How?

It’s a good idea to clean your Superfeet insoles occasionally. Handwash with mild soap and lukewarm water. Use an old toothbrush with soft bristles if needed. Rinse well, remove excess water with a soft towel and allow to air dry, but not near a heat source. DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY — the results aren’t pretty.

How long do Superfeet insoles last?

You can count on reliable comfort and support for up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first.

FOOTWEAR (no longer available)

I love my new shoes but they got dirty. How should I clean them?

For most of our footwear styles, handwash with mild soap and lukewarm water. Use an old toothbrush with soft bristles if needed. Air dry. Some Superfeet Footwear styles are made with leather. For footwear styles with leather, you may wish to use a special leather cleaner. Leather cleaning solutions, sprays and pastes (brands like Kiwi, Nikwax, etc.) can be found at most drugstores.

Can I replace the insole that comes in Superfeet Footwear with a different Superfeet insole?

Absolutely. Feel free to swap out the insole with most of your favorite Superfeet insoles. You’ll likely need to trim the Superfeet insole to fit well in the shoe.

Do you make children’s footwear?

No. Our smallest size Women’s footwear was a size 6; the smallest size in Men’s was a 7.

Are Superfeet Footwear styles available in Wide widths?

No. All our footwear styles were made in standard width only.


Do you have insoles for kids?

Our BLUE and HOCKEY Comfort insoles are available in size J (Kids shoe sizes 11.5 to 13).

GREEN, BLUE, and HOCKEY Comfort insoles are available in size A (Kids shoe sizes 13.5 to 2).

The majority of Superfeet insoles are available in size B (Kids shoe sizes 2.5 to 4).

Which insoles do you make in Wide?

wideGREEN are designed to accommodate a foot width of Men’s 3E to 6E.

Which insoles do you make in Size 13 or larger?

These insoles are available in Size G, which fits a Men’s shoe size 13.5 through 15: GREEN, BLUE, BLACK, COPPER, wideGREEN,ORANGE, and CARBON Pro Hockey.

GREEN, wideGREEN, and ORANGE insoles are available in Size H, for Men’s shoe size 15.5 through 17.

Can I bake my hockey skates with Superfeet insoles inside?

No. Here’s how to bake and fit your Superfeet: 1. Fit Superfeet insoles to your un-baked skates. 2. Take the Superfeet insoles out of your skates. 3. Bake your skates. 4. Put the Superfeet insoles back into your skates AFTER they’ve come out of the oven, but BEFORE you put your foot in. 5. After you've put the Superfeet insoles in your skates, follow the required directions for fitting your specific brand/style of skate (cooling period, etc.) 6. Hit the ice!

Which Superfeet insole size do I choose for my hockey skates?

Superfeet CARBON Pro Hockey Insoles and HOCKEY Comfort Insoles are specifically designed to fit well in hockey skates. Hockey skates are sized on a different system than footwear — the sizes for hockey skates is generally one size to a size-and-a-half smaller than typical footwear. To get a good fit, start by choosing a Superfeet size based on your footwear size. However, if the difference between your footwear size and your hockey skate size is two sizes or more, consider going down a letter size in Superfeet to better match the size and fit of your skate. Note: in many retail locations, the skate size is listed on the packaging for our hockey-specific insoles. In that case, use the skate size listed as your guide.

Am I supposed to trim Superfeet insoles?

Absolutely. Full-length Superfeet insoles are supposed to be trimmed to fit in your shoes.

Our¾-length insoles are not meant to be trimmed. Just drop and go.

How do I pick a size?

Choose the corresponding letter size next to your usual shoe size on this chart:

Sizing Chart US UK EU

Superfeet insoles are in letter sizes that span one and half footwear sizes. All full-length Superfeet insoles should be trimmed to fit your footwear. If you are on the cusp (aka between sizes) and aren’t sure which size to choose, keep in mind it’s most important that your heel fits well in the heel cup of the insole – it should be “in” the heel cup, not “on” it.


Are your insoles allergen-free?

Here at Superfeet, we try our best to create awesome products that help get people back on their feet so they can enjoy life to its fullest. We recognize that some people have various allergies to different chemicals, materials and adhesives – we strive to manufacture products that do not contain any unnecessary chemicals, materials or adhesives.

We utilize quality materials throughout our manufacturing process and have tested our materials extensively. We test to ensure that all our products meet the requirements contained in the following regulations: CPSC requirements for Lead, heavy elements and Phthalates, the European REACH Chemical restriction standard and also California Prop. 65 hazardous chemical list.

Allergenics are a unique field and are based on individual cases. Given the large range of potential allergenics and how they affect an individual, we cannot test for every case. We endeavor to make our insoles as hypo-allergenic as reasonably possible within the confines of our manufacturing process, but since every allergy is different – whether caused by direct contact, proximity or in combination with other products – we cannot guarantee to you that our insoles are 100% hypo-allergenic based on your individual concerns and sensitivity.

Latex is one of the most common questions we are asked about. We manufacture our insoles and packaging with no Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) ingredients. With no FDA approved test for natural rubber latex we work closely with our supply chain to document that this ingredient is not used in our insole products but ultimately have to rely on our supply chain for this information since we cannot independently test for this.

If you know that you may have a chemical sensitivity, we recommend that you try one of our Heritage products (GREEN, BLUE, BLACK, etc.) as these insoles contain the least amount of materials or potential irritants (however, we are not representing that these Heritage products are allergen free, they are just the products in our Superfeet line that would have the least amount of allergens for most persons). The Heritage products are composed primarily of Polyester fabric top cover, Polyethylene foam, Polypropylene plastic cap and an EVA based adhesive. Our other insoles and footwear, while similar, do have additional materials and adhesives and again, depending on the nature of your sensitivity and individual case, may not be an appropriate choice for you.

Please discuss with your health care provider if you have any further questions or issues, as they are the most qualified to guide you in choosing the best product for you and your individual circumstance.

Why does the arch of the insole feel far back?

Some Superfeet insoles may feel different than you expected. This design is intentional — the contours of each insole are positioned to have maximum impact on the way your foot functions as you move. However, your comfort is key — if the insole feels uncomfortable to you, consider a different Superfeet style.

What’s different about your women-specific insoles?

They’re made with women’s specific dimensions — a slimmer heel cup and a shape created for the proportions of a woman’s foot. For more, read our recent blog post What's Different About Superfeet Women's Specific Insoles?.

Do you make insoles for running?

Yes! Check out our Superfeet RUN Series insoles.

We also have insoles designed specifically for:
Casual and dress shoes
Snow sports

I’ve been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. Which insole helps?

First, our sympathies. Really. Plantar Fasciitis can be a super painful, debilitating condition. (Want to know more about Plantar Fasciitis? Read our take: Plantar Fasciitis Explained.)

Second, we’re here to help. Adding the Superfeet shape under your foot can reduce stress on the plantar fascia and get you well down the road to recovery. The deep, structured heel cup of our insoles cradles the soft tissue of your heel to provide an extra layer of protection from hard surfaces. The Superfeet insole for this condition depends on your footwear and personal preference, but start by trying our EVERYDAY Pain Relief Insoles – those are built with features specifically intended to help with foot and heel pain, from conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. Another tip to help relieve or prevent heel pain: wear Superfeet insoles in all of your footwear, all of the time. More than half of Superfeet users own 3+ pairs of Superfeet insoles – different styles of Superfeet insoles for different shoes.

I have flat feet, which insole should I choose?

As all feet and people are different, there is not one specific insole designed for flat feet. Our proprietary Superfeet shape adapts the flat surface inside your footwear to the contours of your foot, making your shoes (and you!) remarkably comfortable. To pick an insole, start with your activity and footwear (i.e. if you are hiking, start by looking at Superfeet insoles for hiking...if you are running, start by looking at Superfeet insoles for running, etc.)

For general, non sport-specific use, you may find that our insoles with the most flexible, accommodating shape (like FLEX, BLACK or COPPER) may feel best for you if you have been diagnosed with or feel like you have flat feet.

What is the “drop” of your insoles?

The drop of the insole is approximately the thickness of the stabilizer cap—this thickness varies depending on the insole style. We do not make insoles with a zero drop.

I wear boots with waterproof liners, like GORE-TEX®. Can I still wear Superfeet?

Yes, but be particular about the style of Superfeet insole you choose. Avoid using our BLACK, CARBON, and COPPER insoles as features on the bottom of these insoles can damage waterproof liners. Our hiking-specific TRAILBLAZER insoles are a good choice. Note: over time, most insoles will conform to the heel of your footwear and can cause wear through the lining. Superfeet offers no guarantee against the side effects of the insole wearing through waterproof liner.

Are your insoles vegan?

Yes. All our insoles are vegan, except for the insoles with merino wool top covers. We recycle merino noils — wool fibers too short to be used in fabrics — to create our felted merino wool top covers.

Do your products come in pairs?