A hand hits the heel of a Superfeet insole with a hammer and the words Superfeet Steps Ahead appear on the image

When it comes to the support under your feet, durability is a key factor ensuring you stay comfortable whether you’re running marathons or running errands. At Superfeet, we put as much thought and engineering into the performance of our insoles after one million steps as we do the feeling of those first few strides.

Our series Superfeet: Steps Ahead highlights the many reasons Superfeet insoles stand out as the go-to choice for everyone from top athletes who want advanced performance to workers on their feet all day who need anti-fatigue support. In previous blogs, we’ve covered why heel support and arch shape set Superfeet apart. This blog is all about durability – why it’s so important when it comes to foot comfort and why Superfeet are designed to last.

We put the build quality of Superfeet and other insoles to the test to see which products last through repetitive impacts. See the results in the video below!

Better Durability Means Better Comfort

Insoles that are made of flimsy materials break down easily, often after only a few months of wear. Arch support that caves in and cushion that flattens out leave your feet vulnerable to the same aches and strains that can occur without wearing insoles in your shoes. Insoles that aren’t built to last can hurt your wallet, too. Constantly replacing cheap shoe inserts adds up fast. 

Superfeet are constructed with premium materials, each insole designed to provide a unique comfort experience ranging from pressure-relieving memory foam to anti-fatigue cushioning to structured support for high impact activities. 

Superfeet Support Step After Step

Superfeet All-Purpose insoles are legendary for their long-lasting support, and that same durability can be found in all Superfeet, from flexible, cushioned insoles for athletic footwear to three-quarter insoles great for dress and casual shoes. Thanks to the premium materials and expertly designed arch support, even the softest Superfeet are tough enough to take thousands upon thousands of impacts. 

As seen in the video, the hammer (representing the repetitive impacts that can take a toll on the support under your feet) does not have any noticeable effect on either firm or flexible Superfeet, but the other insoles flatten out with every impact. Once the hammer is flipped around to test build quality and represent the wear and tear that occurs over time, the flimsy foam and gel products break down quickly, just like they would in your shoe. Even the semi-structured insole can’t withstand the impacts.

Superfeet insoles hold up no matter what hits them, thanks to the durable heel and arch support found in both firm, structured insoles, and cushioned, flexible products. The soft, springy heel in Superfeet Cushion insoles sustains some damage yet still remains functionally intact.

Add Superfeet to your favorite footwear for comfort that won’t quit, and a supportive foundation engineered to last. 

May 21, 2024