Gift idea #1: Give a close-to-home-experience

Gift idea #1: Give a close-to-home-experience

This is not your ordinary gift guide. You won't find links to this year's must haves or door buster deals.

Instead, we're embracing the #optoutside spirit by encouraging you to think outside the gift box and give the gift of experiences this holiday season.

Need ideas?

We asked a few of our Super Squad Ambassadors and Superfeet employee-owners for some of their favorite experiences to give. Plus, we've added ideas to turn help you wrap these experiences into gifts to go under the tree. 

Local Adventurer

//Give a close-to-home experience//

A spring visit to the tulip fields.

Who says the experience you give must happen right away? Give your loved one something to look forward to this spring. Find out when flower fields near you will be in bloom and reserve a date on the calendar. Commencing daydreams about wandering through Instagram-worthy rows of colorful blooms in 3, 2, 1…

//How to gift it//

Pick up a bag of tulip bulbs or a packet of flower seeds from your local nursery. Attach a tag with your designated date and time. Cheesy tag line (Tiptoe through the tulips with me?) optional.

//Upgrade it//

Give Superfeet Footwear

December 10, 2017