How Incredible Data Insights Shape Every Pair of ME3D Personalized Insoles

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Feet with black socks step onto Volumental scanner

ME3D personalized insoles take all the amazing attributes of the “normal” doctor-recommended Superfeet shape and add unique benefits formulated to match your specific feet and the way they move.

Your biometric data provides a wealth of information that influences how each of your ME3D insoles are constructed. That’s right, just like your feet, your ME3Ds may have slight differences in arch height and flexibility. Though they always come in pairs, every single ME3D insole is unique, just like every individual foot.

The comprehensive data and cutting-edge technology that captures it are the not-so-secret tools that elevate ME3D to a new level of comfort and support. Let’s dive into the details of this fascinating process.

What kind of biometric data goes into ME3D insoles?

The advantage that sets ME3D apart from many other custom insoles is the high-tech measurement process. Instead of working from a less-than-precise foam or plaster mold of your foot, ME3D insoles utilize a 3D foot scan and dynamic pressure analysis recorded while you walk.

The scan provides a 3D image that gives detailed insight into the exact dimensions of both feet. Not only can it pinpoint length and width in relation to shoe size (you may be surprised to find out one foot is slightly bigger than the other) but it also determines the height of your arches underneath both feet and the instep height at the top of the foot.

While the measurement scan is important, the pressure pattern analysis really raises ME3D to the next level. Just a few steps across the sophisticated floor plate filled with active pressure sensors is enough to see a comprehensive evaluation of the way your feet interact with the ground as you walk. The intuitive software interface then takes the data from the sensors and displays your stride pattern as an animated heat map footprint. Red areas indicate where your foot experiences the most pressure while blue shows areas of low pressure.

Your unique pressure readout has a direct effect on how your ME3D insoles are constructed. The heel pressure you experience, on a sliding scale of low, medium, or high for each individual foot, not to mention the dynamic arch index which takes into account the forces exerted on the middle of your foot, are all applied to the 3D-printed structure of your ME3Ds, giving you incredibly personalized support and comfort in every step.

How is that biometric data incorporated into ME3D insoles?

Thanks to a state-of-the-art 3D printing process, ME3D insoles are made to not only fit the exact shape of your foot but also provide the right support needed for your unique gait cycle. There are three distinct ways ME3D insoles are personalized to you: the geometry of your foot, structural firmness that best suits your support needs and flexibility to allow your feet to move just the way they are supposed to.

A personalized insole should match the shape of your foot perfectly, and ME3D does exactly that. The 3D-printed cap cradles your heel and fits the contour of your arch so well, you’ll wonder how you ever wore shoes without them.

Built into the unique shape of your ME3D insoles are five support zones that can each be independently tuned to respond to the ways your particular feet move. You may need firm support in one area and a more forgiving structure in another. These zones are calibrated based on the biometric data from you pressure scan, giving you the exact support you need, whether that’s structured and firm, adaptive and flexible, or your own unique combination of the two.

The directional flex lines built into each ME3D insole are also directly informed by the timing and distribution of pressure from your dynamic scan. The lines are angled on a scale from -30° to 30° depending on your foot pressure pattern. These flex lines give your foot the right guidance and support as you move through the gait cycle.

ME3D insoles come in two styles to give you the personalized comfort you need for your footwear. Original ME3D insoles utilize a high-density foam for a slimmer fit while ME3D Max offer premium dual-layer cushioning for plush support.

Learn more and find a store near you where you can get scanned and order your very own pair of ME3D personalized insoles!

January 23, 2023