Introducing Superfeet SuperBoost Power E-Soles: The Next Evolution in Electric-Assist Technology

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Superfeet SuperBoost Power E-Soles product photo with logo.

Recent advancements in battery and electric-assist technology have shown that what was once science fiction, is now part of everyday life. You can drive hundreds of miles at a time without any emissions thanks to electric cars, or bike to work without breaking a sweat thanks to electric bicycles. But what about those times when driving a car or riding a bike just isn’t practical, yet you still want to go really, really fast?

Introducing Superfeet SuperBoost Power E-Soles, the world’s first power-assisted insoles.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go for a light jog down the highway, jump so high you need a parachute, or perform a tap dance routine that registers on the Richter scale, Superfeet SuperBoost Power E-Soles are the answer you’ve been searching for.

The Supremely Superb Supplemental Support of Superfeet SuperBoost Power E-Soles

“They are like nothing else on earth – nothing else in the known universe, quite frankly,” says Matt Gooch, Vice President of Product and Innovation at Superfeet. “Our patented SuperBoost technology is the kind of breakthrough that has the power to catapult humanity into a new age, like the invention of fire or the chip clip.”

Enjoy eight hours of continuous boost with the integrated lightweight battery. Yes, eight full hours of boost. No matter what. Continuously. For eight hours. No need to worry about annoying inconveniences like on/off buttons or emergency breaks. Superfeet SuperBoost Power E-Soles work from the moment you step into your shoes until the moment the battery runs out approximately eight hours later. Sometimes nine, depending on the whether you are running, jumping, or just trying to get into your car.

All the Boost You Could Ever Need in Three Easy-to-Activate Modes

You aren’t just one thing. You’re a multifaceted individual with a wide variety of interests, hobbies, and plant life taking over your apartment. You customize your playlists and your burritos to fit your lifestyle. You should be able to pick your boost as well.

Industry-leading compu-tap motion tracking technology allows you to modulate your boost. All you have to do is swipe your foot up twice, down once, to the left three times, double tap your toe and press down using exactly 68% of your body weight to bring up the boost modes menu. From there, you can choose SuperBoost Commute Mode for those early meetings, SuperBoost Sport Mode to own the field, or SuperDuperBoost MaxPower Mode for explosive, g-force speed.*  

*SuperDuperBoost MaxPower Mode not legal in all states, please boost responsibly. 

Look out for Superfeet SuperBoost Power E-Soles launching today, April 1st. 

April 1, 2024