Serving Our Community: Superfeet All-Company Volunteer Day 2024

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Three images together showing Superfeet team members volunteering

We’re proud to provide life-changing support and comfort to people who want to get the most out of every step, but Superfeet support means so much more than insoles. Superfeet donates 1% of annual sales to organizations helping to create a healthier world for all, and every single team member receives paid time off to volunteer. But wait, there’s more!

Every year, Superfeeters from across the organization – from early-career team members to executive leaders – come together to give back to our local community of Whatcom County, Washington. Continuing the incredible progress we made at last year’s All-Company Volunteer Day, our work this year involved tackling invasive plant species that threaten native ecosystems and serving the local foodbank.

The first group of Superfeet volunteers cleared invasive ivy from a local woodland, allowing old growth trees to continue thriving as they have for hundreds of years and giving seedlings the best opportunity to grow tall and strong. This vital (and oddly satisfying) effort was done in partnership with the Whatcom Million Trees Project, an organization dedicated to the protection of legacy forests and the restoration of native environments.

Another longtime local Superfeet partner doing similar work is Whatcom Land Trust, who ensure native habitats can thrive for years to come. A second group of Superfeeters worked with WLT to dig out invasive blackberry plants, enjoying time in the outdoors and helping restore an idyllic piece of local land back to its original glory in the process.

While their coworkers helped restore our local lands, a third group of volunteers gave back to the people of Whatcom County, serving at the Ferndale Food Bank. Committed to supporting members of our community with dignity and respect, the Food Bank provides food and other resources in an accessible, understanding environment.

Another All-Company Volunteer Day in the books! Thank you to all our partner organizations who help make these events possible and to the dedicated and enthusiastic work of Superfeet team members making a positive impact in our community.

April 29, 2024