How to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable with Superfeet Insoles

Man's hand putting Superfeet insole into brown dress shoe

They say you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes. Do you like to wear sneakers or dress shoes? Flats or high heels? Do you rock spotless kicks without a single scuff or work boots that have lasted through years of wear and tear?

Whatever you have on your feet, making your footwear as comfortable as possible not only feels better but actually helps reduce the likelihood of injuries. Research backs up the intuitive notion that when your feet are comfortable, they follow their preferred movement patterns, reducing stress and strain.

But even the cushiest, most contoured shoes often can’t provide the ideal support for your feet, let alone footwear without any arch support or cushion whatsoever. Superfeet insoles are the perfect missing puzzle piece between the shape of your feet and the inside of your shoes. “Our insoles help to serve as an adaptor between the two-dimensional surface of the inside of the shoe and your three-dimensional foot, helping to personalize the fit and feel of any shoe,” says Matt Gooch, Certified Pedorthist and Vice President of Product and Innovation at Superfeet. 

The Benefits of Insoles

Why use insoles? Because your feet deserve better than the flat surface or factory sockliner in your shoes. Most footwear is designed with special attention paid to the outside – the color, the style, how it interacts with the ground – but that means the inside can get overlooked. It’s no secret that how a shoe feels to wear isn’t top of mind, especially for casual and dress shoes. 

Even supportive running shoes might not have exactly the right kind of support for your feet, or simply not have enough of it. Superfeet insoles let you turn any shoe into the most comfortable pair you’ve ever had. Whether you need cushion and flexibility under your feet or firm structure to support your arches, there’s a Superfeet pair for you. There are also Superfeet insoles for reducing foot pain and discomfort.

“Research has shown that adding an insole will make the shoe more comfortable for the overwhelming majority of people. Simply put, adding the right shape under the foot helps improve the fit and feel of the shoe. But different people have different needs and preferences when it comes to insoles. That's why we have spent the last seven years doing research with some of the world's leading biomechanists at the University of Calgary,” says Matt Gooch. “We have focused on trying to clearly define what makes a specific insole comfortable to an individual person.” 

Superfeet insoles help stabilize your feet as move, which can improve efficiency while walking and running and reduces strain not just on your feet but on your knees and back as well. Keeping your feet supported and comfortable sets a strong foundation for the rest of your body.

Choosing Superfeet insoles for better shoe fit and support provides many benefits beyond just giving more cushion under your feet.

Superfeet Insoles: What Sets Them Apart

At Superfeet, we utilize innovative and cutting-edge materials coupled with proprietary design and technology (not to mention over 40 years of knowledge diving deep into the science of comfort) but the thing that truly sets Superfeet insoles apart is simple: the signature Superfeet shape.

“Some people function better with what we refer to as a lower dose of Superfeet shape, meaning the insole is made of more flexible, cushioned materials like those that feature our patented Adaptive Comfort Technology™. Others prefer a higher dose of Superfeet shape, meaning the insole is made of more structured and supportive materials like those that feature our EVOLyte® technology,” says Matt Gooch.

Every pair of Superfeet insoles provide a contoured foundation for your arches and a cradling structure for your heels that gives your feet the support they need to move freely while remaining stable, stand strong for long periods without losing shape, and feel good at the end of the day. They are the perfect arch support insoles for improving foot health and comfort.

Our most cushioned insoles flex with your movements but still provide enough presence to support the arches and maintain a contoured orthotic shape that matches the anatomy of the foot. Squishy gel inserts or foam insoles without arch support may feel soft but can’t give your feet the same stabilization and comfort provided by Superfeet.

Since beginning in 1977 as the Sports Medicine Division of Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, Superfeet has used science and biometric data as the driving force behind all products. That spirit of innovation and dedication to creating solutions continues today, exemplified in the cutting-edge materials and proprietary technology that sets Superfeet apart. 

Many of our insoles feature EVOLyte® stabilizer caps infused with carbon fiber for incredibly strong yet lightweight and springy structure. Superfeet insoles with the most cushion use proprietary Adaptive Comfort Technology to flex and move with the foot – great for running and hiking footwear. Add Moisturewick top covers that help reduce odors and energizing foam under the whole foot and you get the ultimate experience in comfort and support.

Types of Superfeet Insoles

Everyone’s feet are different, as is everyone’s cushioning and arch support preference. There are many Superfeet insoles to choose from, so whether you like a firm foundation under your feet, flexible support that feels like it’s built into your shoes, or something in between, you can enjoy all the amazing benefits Superfeet insoles have to offer. As Matt Gooch puts it, “Superfeet's company mission is to be the essential life-changing shape under every foot, so our goal is for everyone to be able to find a place in our brand.  That's why we make such a wide spectrum of products.”

If you’re looking at Superfeet products for reducing stress on the feet and joints, you’ll be happy to know that they all can help reduce strain from walking, running, and standing. If you’re experiencing pain, like the agony of plantar fasciitis or other conditions, Superfeet Pain Relief insoles can work wonders for your feet. 

Our Heritage family of insoles feature the original and timeless shape that works great for a variety of footwear and use cases. Our Heritage family of insoles feature the original and timeless shape that works great for a variety of footwear and use cases. “In 1977, Superfeet pioneered the creation of over-the-counter insoles that featured orthotic quality support,” Matt Gooch notes. “As our most tenured insoles, Superfeet Heritage products feature several styles that have not only been validated in our biomechanics lab but have been time-tested under the feet of millions and millions of loyal Superfeet wearers for nearly 40 years.”

Superfeet All-Purpose Support High Arch, All-Purpose Support Medium Arch, and All-Purpose Support Low Arch insoles offer structured orthotic support with a high, medium and low arch, as the names imply. Superfeet All-Purpose High Impact Support and Superfeet All-Purpose Women's High Impact Support insoles are engineered with extra forefoot cushioning for high-impact activities. Superfeet All-Purpose Memory Foam Support insoles can give you the best of both worlds – a firm structured foundation underneath pressure-sensitive memory foam cushioning.

If you’re a runner, Superfeet Run insoles can help you move more efficiently with every stride and keep your feet feeling good mile after mile. Superfeet Run Support High Arch and Run Women’s Support insoles give you the springy, lightweight support of carbon fiber paired with energizing Aerospring™ comfort foam. Superfeet Run Cushion Low Arch and Run Cushion High Arch insoles utilize proprietary Adaptive Comfort Technology to flex with your feet as you move.
The same principals apply to Superfeet insoles for hiking. Designed specifically for outdoor boots and shoes, Superfeet Hike Support and Hike Women’s Support insoles provide structured support infused with carbon fiber while Superfeet Hike Cushion insoles offer flexible cushioning. 
Check out Superfeet insoles for hockey skates or ski and snowboard boots if you’re looking for even more specific comfort and support. There are also Superfeet insoles for dress and casual shoes, including Easyfit® ¾-length insoles that easily drop into slim-fitting footwear – even high heels!
Everyone’s feet are different, and everyone’s two individual feet are different. Your left and right foot have slight variations in subtle ways. Superfeet offers personalized and custom insoles for different types of shoes. Superfeet insoles with heat-moldable stabilizer caps are available at select retailers. For a more cutting-edge approach to custom, try ME3D personalized insoles – orthotics 3D-printed to order using your unique measurements and biometric data. Find out more about the entire ME3D process beginning with foot scanning through final 3D-printing and hand assembly.

How to Choose the Right Superfeet Insole for Your Shoes

While your personal comfort preferences are key, choosing the right insole for your specific shoe type and activity is also important. Insoles for dress shoes and high heels are different from insoles for running and athletic shoes or insoles for work boots. 

An important thing to consider when picking insoles is how much room there is in your shoes. Do they fit tight to your feet or are they roomier around the sides and top? With the slim design of Superfeet Run Support Low Arch, even tight footwear like bike shoes or cleats can get the benefits of Superfeet shape. 

Most sneakers and athletic shoes have removable liners that when taken out, leave plenty of room for Superfeet Run insoles. Thicker insoles like Superfeet All-Purpose High Impact Support or Casual Support work best in roomy footwear like boots or comfy casual shoes. You can take this quiz to find which Superfeet insoles are right for you.

Once you’ve decided which insoles work best for your use case and footwear, it’s important to find the right size. Because shoe sizes vary by brand and region, Superfeet insoles are in letter sizes that span one and half footwear sizes. All full-length Superfeet insoles should be trimmed to fit your footwear. If you are on the cusp or between sizes and aren’t sure which size to choose, keep in mind it’s most important that your heel fits well in the heel cup of the insole – it should be “in” the heel cup, not “on” it. 

Trimming your insoles is easy: just take out the sockliner that came in your shoes, place it on top of your Superfeet insole so that the heels line up flush, then trace around the top of the sockliner with a pencil. Take the sockliner away and cut your Superfeet insoles along the line you just traced. There should be a small gap of 1 to 2 mm (that’s about the width of a nickel) between the Superfeet insole and the end of your footwear to prevent the insole creasing along the edges as you move. You can see the trimming process in this video.

Tips for Using Superfeet Insoles

The arch shape of some Superfeet insoles may feel different than you expected. This design is intentional — the contours of each insole are positioned to have maximum impact on the way your foot functions as you move. For Superfeet insoles with firmer structure and support, breaking them in a few hours at a time can allow your feet to get accustomed to the new shape. Soon, your feet will not only get used to it but love the way Superfeet shape provides comfort and support. We feel so strongly about it, we offer a 60-day comfort guarantee

Every pair of Superfeet insoles are made with durable materials that provide long-lasting comfort for up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first. You can wash your insoles occasionally with mild soap and lukewarm warm water. If needed, use an old toothbrush with soft bristles for extra scrubbing. After rinsing, dry with a towel and leave out to air dry. Excessive heat and insoles don’t mix, so machine washing and drying is never a good idea. 

Superfeet Insoles: Ultimate Comfort and Support 

When your feet feel better, you feel better. Making shoes more comfortable with Superfeet insoles for long-lasting comfort can have benefits for your knees, back, and spine, as well as your feet. Whether you’re fighting pain from plantar fasciitis, dealing with foot fatigue after long hours on your feet, or just want to improve the comfort and efficiency of your runs, Superfeet insoles can help. 

Proprietary, science-backed technology and design combine with cutting-edge materials to deliver premium orthotics perfect for a wide variety of activities and footwear. Get ultimate support and unbeatable comfort with Superfeet insoles in your shoes.

June 1, 2023