Meet New Superfeet Work Insoles: Support That Works as Hard as You Do

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Construction worker puts Superfeet Work Cushion insoles into a boot

The latest innovation in work comfort and injury prevention is here. Introducing Superfeet Work Cushion and Work Slim-Fit Cushion insoles – two brand-new insoles engineered specifically to provide durable, anti-fatigue support so you can feel good on your feet no matter how long your shift.

Designed for work footwear, with a tapered forefoot for a great fit in safety toe boots, Superfeet Work Cushion and Work Slim-Fit Cushion offer two options for hardworking people in a variety of industries who spend most of their day on their feet. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, or hospitality, sore and achy feet can affect everything you do and even lead to pain in your joints, back and entire body. Having the right cushion and support in your shoes can make a world of difference in helping to prevent or eliminate discomfort, letting you focus on the job, not on the pain.

Workers have worn Superfeet on the job for years, and with the introduction of these two new insoles, Superfeet is offering more options than ever before to meet the needs of those whose livelihoods depend on their feet. 

"Since our founding in 1977, Superfeet has been a secret ally in the boots of workers around the world, who have depended on the essential, uncompromising support that Superfeet shape can provide to get them through long hours on their feet,” says Matt Gooch, Vice President of Product and Innovation at Superfeet. “However, the launch of the Superfeet Work category and these two new work specific products, Work Cushion and Work Slim-Fit Cushion, signal a marked shift in our strategy.  We are no longer willing to let the value of Superfeet shape remain a secret limited to those 'in-the-know', but rather we want workers everywhere to be able to experience the reductions in foot fatigue, pain and discomfort that research has shown and our customers tell us they experience every single day."


"Our two new Work insoles round out a selection of other work-friendly support styles in the Superfeet product line by adding industry leading cushion and light structured, flexible arch support,” according to Matt Gooch. “Featuring our exclusive Adaptive Comfort Technology™ (A.C.T.), the new Work Cushion and Work Slim-Fit Cushion are able to accommodate for all arch types and fit a wide range of different work footwear. Both insoles are safety-toe footwear approved, with a forefoot that tapers under the toes and feature our Moisturewick™ odor-reducing top cover.”

Regarding the difference between the two new styles, he says, “Work Cushion is ideal for workers who spend time on their feet in roomier work footwear and uses cutting-edge super-critical foam to deliver plush, durable cushion to industrial athletes during long shifts.  Work Slim-Fit Cushion is ideal for tighter fitting and/or athletic inspired work footwear, delivering fatigue reducing cushion in a thin package.”

In other words, if you’ve got some room in your boots, Work Cushion can replace the flat, unsupportive removable liner that came in them. If you wear shoes at work that look more like running or athletic footwear, Work Slim-Fit Cushion is a great choice, again replacing the factory liner. In addition, Superfeet All-Purpose Support Low Arch offers stabilizing support thin enough for many shoes without removable liners. 


The durable support and energizing foundation of Superfeet shape can help relieve pain in your entire body, not just your feet. In a recent trial, 8 out of every 10 people reported reduced overall discomfort and improved foot, knee, and back pain after 30 days of wearing Superfeet. 

Like the foundation of a house, the support in your shoes can affect the structure and positioning of your whole body. With the right shape underfoot, you can ease discomfort in your joints and back while also relieving foot arch and heel pain. Superfeet Work Cushion and Work Slim-Fit Cushion insoles provide durable, anti-fatigue support to give your body the comfortable foundation it needs to get the job done. 

February 8, 2024